It felt like over the weekend I saw post after post on social media of my friends and family already having their homes decorated for Christmas. My sister did what she calls  "Operation Christmas" on her house the first weekend of November. It'll be in that winter wonderland state until the new year.

Science has proven time and time again that the earlier you decorate for Christmas, the happier you are. But how early is too early?

Startribune did a piece on this last week, asking different people in Minnesota what their Christmas decorating schedule was like this year. Lana Baggenstos, a pharmacy specialist was asked this question:

I thought, ‘What the heck, it’s 2020. It’s been a long year and we could use some holiday cheer.'

I think a lot of people are in the same boat as Lana. We have all been hanging out at home, and the change of scenery that comes with Christmas decorating can be a nice refresh to the place you've been hunkered down in since March.

Another argument for decorating early has been self-care. Decorating can give you a happiness boost, and who couldn't use one of those right about now? It is looking like Thanksgiving and Christmas will be scaled down with limited celebrations. Why not give yourself a mental health boost by putting up that garland a few weeks early.

Personally, my Christmas tree is still in my crawl space that flooded this summer. I'm too scared to check if it has water damage or not, so it might just stay in the box this year. I'll just have to pull up a photo of a Christmas tree on my TV.

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Christmas Decorations Have Been Put Up at Munsinger Gardens


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