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Blue Sun Soda Shop has two locations in Minnesota, one in Richfield and one in Spring Lake Park. Each location has over 1,300 soda flavors, different kinds of candy, and arcade games. The Richfield location is about 80 minutes from Rochester, Minnesota, and looks like an awesome place to take the family.

Blue Sun's website says, "If you can dream up a soda flavor, chances are we have it." And it's true! They have your typical soda flavors but they also have butter, bacon, pumpkin, and mustard. But those are pretty normal compared to some of the other bizarre flavors they have, like barf, dog drool, swamp juice. I'm not sure if they actually taste disgusting or if they're just labeled like that to draw attention. Either way, I'm not trying my luck.

Also at Blue Sun, only at the Spring Lake Park location, they have a Soda Fountain! Sadly, it's closed right now due to COVID. When it's open, though, the Soda Fountain offers "freshly made Whistler Sodas, Ice Cream Floats, Traditional Egg Creams, Phosphates, and Freshly Steamed Hot Dogs."

And finally, also at the Spring Lake Park location, there's a retro arcade. Unfortunately, this is also closed right now due to COVID, but as you can imagine, there are fun games like pinball machines and skee ball to name a few. And they all only cost 25 cents to play! I'm sure they'll update their website when the Soda Fountain and retro arcade reopen, so make sure be checking back.

We want to hook you up with $10,000 to pay for everything at Blue Sun! You can get all the details on how to win HERE!

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