In what could be a first of it's kind in Minnesota, maybe anywhere in the US, as I don't think they record statistics like this, a couple from New Prague was celebrated by their family for 50 years of marriage with a drive-by honking. A big congratulations to the Kallal's! 

I saw this posted to a social media account of a Minnesota business I used to work at and it put a smile on my face. With social distancing being a recommendation from the Minnesota Department of Health and the CDC due to COVID-19/Coronavirus, the Kallal family decided the best way to honor their parents was a good old fashion drive-by honking with a large line of cars.

I was fortunate enough to work one of the children, Simon, who posted this to his business's Facebook page, and his dad, Phil, hired my younger brother when he came onboard handling part of the golf club receiving department.

To many more happy years of marriage to Phil and Karen, and maybe less drive-by honkings in the future.

Seeing some GOOD news can be challenging during today's 24/7 news cycle, so we are going to do our best by bringing you some positive news stories throughout the days, weeks, and maybe months ahead.

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