Amazon's Alexa virtual assistant is giving kids a chance to hear from Santa with different Christmas messages.

According to Yahoo! Life, you ask your Alexa "How many days until Christmas?", Alexa will reply with the correct amount of days until the holiday, then Alexa will ask if you would like to hear an update from Santa.

The messages change every day to add excitement for the kids, and so the kids can have fun getting a different message from the bearded gift giver. Each day Santa updates you on the latest from the North Pole.

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According to Yahoo! Life, one of the updates goes like this: "HO HO HO, I'm so looking forward to Christmas. I will be starting my Christmas update very soon, so make sure you come back. If you love Christmas, come back tomorrow for another Christmas update."

Sometimes it's how he is coming on naughty or nice lists, sometimes it is a pie update about Mrs. Claus. It's fun for kids and their parents, and pie lovers obviously on that day.

According to Yahoo! Life, people could check on their orders by doing the same or just checking, and Alexa would give up the list of orders and when they were coming, ruining it for spouses, loved ones, and kids.

So, Amazon turns off the delivery feature on November 17th and refers you to Santa for updates. Alexa will still say a brand name and when it will be delivered but you really have to ask her nicely and a certain way for her to even say that much.



Here are some other fun things to try from Yahoo! Life. If you change Alexa’s name to Father Christmas, it will read out announcements from the app as if Father Christmas is the one saying them. A woman on Twitter said she uses it like Elf On The Shelf by personalizing it and then the kids think Father Christmas is talking to them.



Parents, have a little fun with the kids this Christmas season and fun for you too. You just have to own an Alexa and follow directions. Also, you can ask Alexa what other features she has for Christmas.

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