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Rochester, MN (KROC AM News)  - Leaders from Mayo Clinic and several other major Minnesota health care systems have issued a joint appeal as they respond to what they say is a Covid crisis that is affecting their facilities.

The nine CEOs say their systems are overwhelmed by Covid patients as cases continue to surge.

COVID-19 Intensive Care Unit Within A Houston Hospital Cares For Patients As Cases Continue To Rise
(Photo by Go Nakamura/Getty Images)


The nine systems have taken out a full-page ad in major newspapers across the state this week that highlight what they say is “the critical nature of the situation, the heartbreaking realities facing hospitals and how the community can help.

The CEOs say the current health care situation “is in one of the most difficult positions it has been in since the first case of COVID-19 was reported in our state.”

The letter goes on to say:

 “Doctors, nurses and people working in health care are doing everything they can to support the health of all Minnesotans. And yet, every day our health care workers see avoidable illness and death as a direct result of COVID-19. Health systems have risen to every challenge put before them, but they are overwhelmed and cannot continue to carry this burden.”

In their letter, the CEOs “are asking everyone to step up and do their part to stop the continued spread of COVID-19.”

  • Get vaccinated + get your booster
  • Wear a mask (even if you’re vaccinated) + socially distance
  • If you feel sick, get tested for COVID-19
  • Encourage neighbors and loved ones to take these steps


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