Exactly what kind of smoke is coming out of the tailpipe?

An 87-year-old Rochester, Minn. man recently found out that his brand spankin' new Ford Fusion had a 50-pound package of pot hidden near the spare tire.

The man let officials inspect his car after cops in St. Paul got wind that 10 new Fusions had drugs in them when they were shipped to dealerships around the North Star State. Drug traffickers were reportedly set to get their hands on the vehicles before going to the showroom, but something went wrong.

Hmm, someone in charge of getting drugs messed up? We're just going to assume the dude whose job it was to retrieve all that weed got caught up in doing something much more important, like being amazed his hand has five fingers or eating a bag of Cheetos and then getting lost on his way to the kitchen to get something else to eat.

Of course, all of this begs the real question: why the heck is an 87-year-old man buying a new car? Surely, his family could've gotten him a 1992 Chevy Cavalier and told him it was new. Driving at his age is a risk, but doing so in the middle of winter in Minnesota, where the state vehicle is a Zamboni, is something else.

And does anyone else think he should've fought to keep the drugs for himself? You know, just to help with the glaucoma?

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