I'm reading The Black House by Stephen King and Peter Straub. It was written in 2001. It is a sequel to The Talisman, which was written in 1984. That is kind of a long time between books. It took a while for me to get into it but once I did, I am good to go. My husband asked me early on if the two connected and at the time they sort of did. Shortly after he asked me, they started to connect a little more.

Stephen King also wrote a sequel to one of his first novels, The Shining, written in 1984. Doctor Sleep was published in 2013. I have not read that one yet. Once again some time in between. I was thinking since both main characters were young, they had to grow up in his mind.

Also by Stephen King, can you tell we have a lot of books by him, The Dark Tower series took him many years to complete. Unlike J.K. Rowling, who put out the Harry Potter series in short order. That may have something to do with the fact that movies were being made as the books were coming out.

It's kind of odd how some sequels come out quickly. Kind of like parts 2 and 3 in both Back to the Future and Pirates of the Caribbean. But some sequels wait a while or start in the middle of the story like Star Wars who release three movies at a time and in a strange order. The prequel and then jump to the future and killing our beloved Han Solo. We will see another Star Wars once again in December 2017. Hooray.

But Harrison Ford may be making Indiana Jones No. 5, even though the last was titled The Last Crusade. That's OK, they are good movies.

Look at Freddy and Jason, I have not watched any so I won't be looking, they have made a hundred movies combined or maybe each. That may be a bit of a stretch.

Back to books. Gone With The Wind by Margaret Mitchell, published in 1936, has two sequels by two authors. Scarlett by Alexandra Ripley and Rhett's People By Donald McCaig. I have read Ripley's, but since McCaig's version is so different I am waiting a while before I start again. McCaig also wrote a prequel, Ruth's Journey.

So yes lots of sequels and prequels to see and read. Happy reading. Happy movie going. It's just odd how some will wait years and years and others it is right there. No biggie just observing.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

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