We received a citronella plant as a gift a number of years ago. Yep, the stuff that is to keep those pesky mosquitoes is actually a plant and it smells just like the candles and wipes, too. What is really cool, the plant will grow pretty little purple flowers during the summer.

We put our citronella outside during the summer, which makes sense to keep away the mosquitoes, but it always likes it better outside. I heard some put out all their plants but we just put out the citronella.

Being that the plant is outside, sometimes the squirrels and birds mess with it or hide in it. It is a pretty big plant. What is funny is that the other day I noticed what I think is a couple of oak trees in with the plant. We do have oak trees, so it is not that surprising but at the same time it is.

This may sound a little more strange but we have tried to pot a couple of acorns hoping to get a tree or two. They would start and even get a couple of small leaves but then they would not make it.

So, I don't know whether these little oak trees will make it. It is going to get a little crowded in there. There seems to be a little room in the pot. The trees seem to be right in the middle of the plant, pretty good planning by whoever. It was not us. But eventually we will put them in the ground where they belong if they can hang on for another summer.

The citronella would like to be outside, it just perks up even more when it is out there. With the snow now gone, I noticed our steps are kind of dirty, and the spot for the plant sticks out. The pot that the citronella is in is nice and big and also very light, so moving it makes it easier.

The sun is shining above ... Think Happy Thoughts.

citronella plant
Lisa Marie/Townsquare Media

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