I went ice skating and had a blast. An hour of around and around on a frozen river. I'll be paying for it, but what a blast. I can feel it already. Also when I was done, I had to learn to walk again -- an hour of gliding will do that to a person. I don't do anything fancy, just glide around. I even fell once, which is very rare for me. Then I had to remember how to get up from ice with ice skates.

Skating around is a different way of people watching, and oh the things one can notice when you're just out and about.

I think I noticed some future hockey players, both male and female. One female hockey player was wearing an Owatonna Football sweatshirt.

A few skaters just "stood" around. I did not see them skate but they did seem to move around from space to space.

There was also a multitasker skater. She was pulling a sled with two future skaters while one that was learning to skate was leaning on her arm.

There were some people out and about without a coat on and even wearing short sleeves; boy did I feel overdressed in my winter coat.

One kid was doing cartwheels on the ice... nope, I did not try that. I can't even do that on the grass.

The sun is shining above (it sure was today)... Think Happy Thoughts.


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