The popular convenience store is growing across Minnesota, but one city in the Bold North has way more Kwik Trip locations than any other.

Kwik Trip is one of the most popular convenience stores in the upper Midwest these days. The familiar chain opened its first store in Eau Claire, Wisconsin in 1965. Its corporate headquarters are located in La Crosse, Wisconsin, and Kwik Trip says it owns over 875 separate convenience stores in WisconsinMinnesota, and Michigan, as well as stores known as Kwik Star in states like Iowa, Illinois, and South Dakota.

The massive chain employs over 35,000 people, as well, and has its own bakery, kitchens, dairy, distribution, and transportation divisions. These allow Kwik Trip to produce much of the food items it serves, which are delivered to each local Kwik Trip store every day.

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And Kwik Trip stores sell a LOT of those products! In fact, Kwik Trip earlier this year posted the 2023 sales totals from some of their more popular products-- and they are some pretty big numbers:


  • Number of guests served: 559,913,741
  • Number of coffees sold: 46,365,322
  • Number of Glazer donuts sold: 38,099,636
  • Number of chicken tenders sold: 26,821,499
  • Number of gallons of milk sold: 25,043,229

So how many of those stores are in Minnesota? Kwik Trip says it has 66 different locations here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes, from Two Harbors along the North Shore to Paynesville and Wilmar west of the Twin Cities and Harmony and Spring Grove in far southeast Minnesota.

Kwik Trip
Kwik Trip

But one Minnesota city has more Kwik Trips than any other in the Gopher State: Rochester. According to Kwik Trip's store locator, Minnesota's third-largest city currently has 15 different Kwik Trip locations, far more than the four locations in Apple Valley and Austin, the five locations in Duluth and Owatonna, and the six locations in St. Cloud and Winona.

Downtown Rochester, Minnesota (CS J/Townsquare Media-Rochester)
Downtown Rochester, Minnesota (CS J/Townsquare Media-Rochester)
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I'm not sure why Rochester has so many more Kwik Trip locations than other cities in Minnesota. Perhaps it's because of all the out-of-town visitors that frequently head to Rochester for appointments at Mayo Clinic.

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I'm sure the number of Kwik Trip locations won't stay the same for long, as the chain is always growing. In fact, Kwik Trip said they opened 23 new locations last year alone. That's the opposite of the following beloved chains, all of which have gone out of business and aren't around anymore in any location. Keep scrolling to see how many you remember!

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