Nuclear war has been talked about off and on for years now. It's a scary thing to think about, of course, and obviously, we hope it never happens. I did find, though, a map of different places around the country that would be most at risk of an attack in the event of a nuclear war.

On this map, there are a few Minnesota locations that are mentioned.

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 Map Claims Where Nuclear Attacks Could Happen in the US

I found this map on Independant and they're saying they got the map from a CBS Chicago article that was originally written back in 2015. In the article, they say the map was created "using data from FEMA [(the Federal Emergency Management Administration)] and the National Resources Defense Council."

One interesting thing to note is that Independant writes that FEMA has "distanced itself" from this map that claims to have used their data. A spokesperson from FEMA said:

FEMA does not, and has not, released any type of formal map of potential nuclear targets.

Regardless, the map has been circulating for years and there's at least one spot in each state.

Minnesota Spots Most at Risk of a Nuclear War Attack

There are quite a few spots marked in Minnesota as being potentially dangerous in the event of a nuclear attack.

On the map, which was put together with a nuclear war between the US and Russia in mind, you see triangles and black dots. Those represent different locations that could be targets for a nuclear attack.

According to the key, the triangles represent a 'target in a 500 warhead scenario' and the black dots represent a 'target in a 2,000 warhead scenario'. The original CBS Chicago article says a 'target in a 500 warhead scenario' means the US was the one to attack first and these locations would possibly be a target in retaliation. A 'target in a 2,000 warhead scenario' is a scenario where Russia attacks us first.

CBS Chicago
CBS Chicago

In Minnesota in a 500 warhead scenario, the targets on the map appear to include the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, St. Cloud, and Duluth.

As for a 2,000 warhead scenario, there are more targets predicted. Those include the Minneapolis/St. Paul area, St. Cloud, and Duluth still, but also what appears to be the Hastings area, the Brainerd or Wadena area, and the Grand Rapids or Hibbing area.

CBS Chicago
CBS Chicago

Here's a look at the rest of the map. The biggest targets are obviously on the coasts but there's also a huge chuck of possible targets in Montana, North Dakota, and the corner of Colorado/Nebraska/Wyoming.

CBS Chicago

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