Happy New Year! For millions of people, today marks the beginning of a personal journey to improve themselves in the coming year. A lot of people set their sights on achieving fitness and weight loss goals each year. Weight loss currently ranks as the most searched-for resolution in America on Google, followed by "eating healthier" and "exercising."

Minnesotans have a different goal. The top New Year's Resolution here in the Land of 10,000 Lakes has nothing to do with health.

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Why Do People Make New Year's Resolutions?

Whether it is getting healthier, learning something new, or spending more time with friends and family, the resolution is a way of putting our intentions into words.


It's not enough to just jot down the goal; make sure to outline the steps to achieve it. The act of setting a goal provides motivation, and the steps you pinpoint serve as a roadmap for success.

Nearly 40% of Americans will set a New Year's resolution, but according to Drive Research, only 9% will accomplish their goal.

The Most Searched New Year's Resolutions

USA Credit Unions studied Google Trends to identify which resolutions were the most popular in each state.

Word Help written on a weight scale

The most searched resolution on Google in the United States is weight loss (#1 in 13 out of 50 states).

Eating healthier was the top searched goal in six states, and exercising took the top spot in four states.

The #1 Searched New Year's Resolution In Minnesota


"Get Rich" was the top searched resolution for 2024 in Minnesota. I love the ambitious spirit behind this goal. Who doesn't want financial security and the chance to enjoy a more comfortable and fulfilling life?

To get started experts say you need to get rid of your debt and start saving more. You might also need a career change to boost your income. Check out the highest-paying jobs in the state below.

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If you're thinking about going back to school to pursue a new career you should definitely consider one of the jobs listed below. Zippia used data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics to determine the highest paying jobs in the state. Keep scrolling to see who is cashing in.

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