How many times have you been approaching a roundabout already cussing under your breath, knowing it was not going to be easy to navigate because there always seems to be someone who appears to be driving through one for the first time. All of a sudden your great day has you seething because more times than not, someone doesn't know how to correctly use a roundabout.

If the above sounds like you, you are not alone in your frustration of driving a roundabout. Not going to lie I may have laughed a little too hard when I was on reddit and saw

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It was the specific title of "Just gonna leave this right here" that made me laugh, because user maxcrazy had crossposted this two-lane roundabout diagram to r/minnesota, which is specifically for anything and everything that is Minnesota.

Clearly, they have dealt with an inexperienced roundabout driver a time or two. Here's the thing...none of us are perfect when it comes to driving, even if we ourselves like to believe we are the best driver in the world. Which is what I try and remind myself when someone does something that ticks me off.

However, if you do have a hard time with the roundabout several salty drivers did have a few tips that might actually be helpful for the next time you drive around one. Here are the best ones.

  • Signal:

or as Azzandro put it:

But there is a little confusion for people on this because in Minnesota it's legal to NOT signal in a roundabout as Fellow_Minnesotan points out here:

  • Yield:

When do you yield at a roundabout? There are some of those drivers that literally seem to yield for every driver...that is not what you need to do. As it describes above in the diagram, and warPig76 points out:

  • Keep Going Around:

This might actually be very helpful advice that PewPewLAS3RGUNs gave:

Did you miss your exit on the roundabout? That's okay, it's a circle for a reason, just keep driving around until you reach the correct exit again.

  • Don't STOP:

This piece of advice comes from a New Jersian, but honestly they're spot on and it works for here in Minnesota too;

When you actually are in the roundabout driving in the circle, whatever you do, don't just STOP. That sounds like an accident waiting to happen and I cringe thinking about it now.

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Hopefully, these tips helps, but honestly after reading through many, many comments about roundabouts...sounds like it's not just in America where we have problems with them. All over the world there is frustration and if you feel like you want to vent on it (be salty), put in your two cents, or go have a good laugh, go do so HERE.


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