ST. PAUL (WJON News) -- Now that the Minnesota State Legislature has come to an agreement on rebate checks for Minnesota taxpayers, when can we expect to receive them?

The Minnesota Department of Revenue says they anticipate the payments will go out in early fall.

They say they'll have a more detailed plan once the bill is signed.

Taxpayers won't have to apply for these payments.  The state will use the tax year 2021 individual income tax or property tax refund returns to determine eligibility.

This summer, eligible taxpayers will have a chance to update their banking and address information if it has changed since they filed their 2021 return.

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Individuals who make less than $75,000 a year are eligible for a $260 rebate check, and couples who make less than $150,000 a year are eligible for a $520 check.  There's also additional money for families with children.


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