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Rochester, MN (KROC-AM News) - The former Mayo Clinic doctor accused of murdering his wife had his first court appearance today on the charges included in the Grand Jury Indictment that was handed down earlier this month.

The indictment upgraded the charges against 30-year-old Connor Bowman to one count each of first and second-degree murder. His conditional bail remains at $2 million after a prosecution motion requesting higher bail was denied by the judge presiding over today's hearing.

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Bowman is accused of poisoning 32-year-old Betty Bowman by giving her a lethal dose of a medication used to treat gout. The criminal complaint alleges investigators discovered evidence that he initiated Internet searches involving the amount of the drug needed for a lethal dose based on his wife's weight.

GoFundMe: Remembering Betty Bowman
GoFundMe: Remembering Betty Bowman

The evidence also includes online activity related to purchases of the medication, along with blood and urine test results that detected the drug in Betty Bowman's body while she was hospitalized and after her death last August. The court document also lists a life insurance policy Bowman took out on his wife and significant debts owed by Bowman.

In court today, Bowman requested an omnibus hearing to review the evidence. That hearing has not been scheduled.

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