There used to be a time where you would be cleaning out your closet and realize that you need to have a garage sale.  That still happens, but a more lucrative way was to try and sell those clothes to a consignment shop, or a place that will just buy your clothes and resell them.  You generally will make more money than if you would try and sell your unwanted or too small jeans for a quarter.

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One of those places that would buy your unwanted clothes in the area was Clothes Mentor.  They recently moved from their previous location on Division Street in the Midtown Square Mall over to their current location in Waite Park near Goodwill.

After the move, they posted on social media that they would be closed for a few days due to staffing issues.  That was on February 14th.

A couple of weeks later, there was a post stating that the store was for sale.  And still has not reopened.  If you look at their website, it does say that they closed temporarily, and to check their social media pages for updates.


There are some comments on their social media page with questions as to when they will be open.  The post says that they are closed (temporarily) and for sale.  Even though it does say temporary, it sounds like they are closed until they are sold and someone else opens the store.  And because of the previous post stating that they are/were having staffing issues, it also sounds like that was a lot of the problem.

Staffing, and the lake of it, sounds like an issue that keeps coming up with several businesses around the area, unfortunately. But if would like to buy the business, and you think you would have good luck with staffing, Clothes Mentor is for sale!

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