The Minnesota House Commerce Finance and Policy Committee passed the Commerce policy bill yesterday, which focuses on consumer and child protections, net neutrality, and debt reform.

The legislation has new prohibitions and requirements on social media platforms that operate in Minnesota, based on recommendations in the Minnesota Attorney General's 2024 report. The final vote was 70-61.

State Representative Zack Stephenson (DFL Coon Rapids) who is the chair of the committee said, "Our state government has a responsibility to protect people and create a fairer, safer Minnesota for all. That means working to increase access to affordable healthcare, ensuring consumers are protected, and other policies lifting working families. That is what the bill accomplishes."


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Regarding Net Neutrality, the bill sets parameters that internet service providers must follow if they want to do business in Minnesota.

It is hard to understand everything that's in the bill, but I did read through some of the recommendations report from the Minnesota Attorney General's February 2024 report. It deals with cyberbullying, sexual content, and other unwanted disturbing graphics and information that is often recommended by AI-powered algorithms. It's complicated, but I'm giving them a thumbs up for trying to get deep into the weeds and make the internet experience less dangerous to young users.

Some of the policy recommendations included Banning 'Dark Patterns' within platform design, parent empowerment through consumer-friendly device-based defaults, and managing usage limits and education within schools.

Representative Stephenson also spoke on making sure that our laws concerning debt are fair, and treat consumers with respect. Some things that were not approved were some pretty outrageous interest rates for payday loans, which in my opinion, can help people in financial crisis very little, as it takes every bit of what they make to ever get out of the payday loan loop. (Again...that's my opinion. Desperation loans are never a great idea, but sometimes can feel like the only option available. It would be nice to find a way to acknowledge people who are trying but just keep fighting, only to fall further and further behind).


To be honest, there were also a lot of issues and concerns that were not approved.

In the big picture, I don't know how much most of us will notice the changes that were implemented. I recommend that if you really want to understand what was approved, you try to read through the bill yourself by clicking HERE.


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