Law enforcement often uses the slogan "To Protect & Serve". Some Minnesota law enforcement agencies turn to humor when educating members of the public on what NOT to do. That is what the Chisago County Sheriff's Office is known for, and what they were going for when they recently posted to social media.

The Chisago County Sheriff's Office posted a what NOT to do situation, that played out in real life, and to be honest it doesn't seem real.


If your driver’s license status is Canceled Inimical (very dangerous) to Public Safety…don’t drive.

If you do drive to Burger King, and see a squad car in the area, don’t sit in a BK booth, with no BK…it’s kind of suspicious. But hey, Have It Your Way.

If you do decide to drive away, don’t call your mom, and ask her to follow you, in an attempt to avoid getting pulled over by the cops.

If you are the mother of this type of son, don’t agree to cover for him, in an attempt to help him break the law.

If you are the mom, and decide to follow your son home, don’t do this while you are drunk.

Because you will then both experience a trip to jail together. And you won’t be able to Have It Your Way.

Yes, the Chisago County Sheriff's Office did say not to call your mom in an attempt to avoid arrest.

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Here's a real PRO TIP, later this week the Chisago County Sheriff's Office will break the internet on April 20th, they and the Wyoming Police Department, will be the ones to check in on in just 4 short days.

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