Even though the temps have dropped from where they were in late September and early October, there is still some great fishing to be had on area lakes. Check out this massive muskie that was caught recently on Lake Mille Lacs!

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Here’s a giant from @nolan_sprengeler on Mille Lacs coming in at 56.5x27!! Hopefully everyone is still out there chasing giants during this cold weather!

Image Credit: Thorne Bros via Facebook
Image Credit: Thorne Bros via Facebook


The post shared by Thorne Bros. Custom Rod & Tackle showed just how big this fish was! The fish came in at 56.5 inches long and weighed 27 pounds!

Northland Fishing Tackle online talks about how fishing when the weather turns colder can oftentimes result in catching a trophy fish!

The fish bite well on some bodies of water in cold weather, and a true trophy is a good possibility when the weather is cold. If we want to take advantage of this opportunity, we just need to adjust our fishing habits a little bit. Here are some ideas for more productive and pleasant fishing from now until ice-up.

First of all, in the fall, it usually isn’t necessary to be on the water at sun-up. You can wait a while and let the day warm up a bit. The best bite is usually later in the day, maybe from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. There can also be a good bite on some lakes after the sun has gone down, but that time of day is usually warmer than early morning. You can fish during the warmest part of the day and still have very good action.

If you are heading out to Mille Lacs this weekend instead of deer hunting, make sure you stop by and check out some of the places in Wahkon on the South side of the lake!

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