The $15 Million mansion that Michael Jordan once live in was burglarized by an 18-year-old.

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The mansion has been on the market for a while now (10 years) and has not been lived in for a while. According to Fox 32 in Chicago, the mansion is back in the news not because it finally sold, but because a teen had broken into the mansion. The home is located in the northern suburb of Chicago where the teen was arrested and booked by the Highland Park Police Department. There is no word on whether or not there was damage to the home.

The mansion has been on the market for 1937 days (and counting) and just doesn't seem to be attacking any buyers. The house has everything, and at that price, you would hope it would have everything. A 14-car garage, 9 bedrooms, 15+ bathrooms, and of course, an indoor basketball court (of course).

See Inside Michael Jordan's Extravagant Illinois Mansion

No one really knows why this hasn't sold. Maybe it's the economy, maybe people feel it's a bit overpriced, maybe no one wants to live in Illinois, or maybe it's all the above. One can only dream of living in a house like this and more over to live in Michael Jordan's former home.

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