A debate over an unidentified object in the sky in Minnesota over the weekend has sparked after someone shared a video of the object over the greater Twin Cities area on Easter evening.

In a post on Reddit, the user shared a brief video of a long, narrow object in the sky, with the only other clouds in view being far away on the horizon.

The person who created the post said they captured the video around 6:50 pm on Sunday night - March 31, 2024. They witnessed the visual while traveling northbound on Interstate 94.

Another user shared that they saw something similar while traveling on I-494 in the Twin Cities while another person said they saw photos taken in Monticello of what appeared to be the same object.

The original person behind the post leaned on the Reddit crowd to try to solve the mystery of what this object (seen in the video below) actually was. Here are a couple looks at the object seen in the video.

RiskyRogueLike on Reddit
RiskyRogueLike on Reddit

The responses from Redditors ranged anywhere from the sarcastic to serious possibilities.

On the less-helpful side of the spectrum, some joked that it was aliens, "preparations for the eclipse", an interdimensional portal, or "a giant turd, dropping down from the almighty themself".

While it is technically a "UFO" because it is literally an unidentified flying object, some argue it likely isn't aliens.

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A few people suggest it is a dirty spot on the windshield of the vehicle. When watching the whole video, you can see some actual spots on the windshield shaking around as the car the video is being recorded from drives down the road. This object doesn't move in the same way, which is a good indication it isn't just on the window.

Others offered more serious suggestions. A few people suggested it may be a plane with an advertising banner behind it, though it doesn't quite look like that to me. A few other people suggested it may be a contrail from a jet, though a self-described "avid plane watcher/chem trail conspirator" said it didn't look like any contrail they've ever seen before.

What seems like the most likely theory was a few people suggesting it may be a science balloon of some sort - specifically something called a "solar balloon".

Solar balloons, as seen in the vide above, do have the right shape and color to match what is seen in the video. Being the sun is going down, it could be a solar balloon that someone launched earlier in the day descending, but that's just the best running theory right now as far as I can tell.

Anyone else see this?
byu/RiskyRogueLike inminnesota

What do you think it is?

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