It didn't take long for Kirk Cousins to declare his love for his new home after departing from the Minnesota Vikings.

Cousins played in Minnesota for 6 seasons, making the Twin Cities his home for a half-dozen years. Despite originally being from elsewhere in the Upper Midwest, the "golly gee whiz" quarterback oozed Minnesota Nice and the Kohl's fashion sensibility of a Minnesota dad.

Times are changing though. Cousins and his Kirko Chainz alter-ego are now repping the Dirty Birds after signing a massive 4-year, $180 million dollar deal this week.

Kirk's Minnesota Vikings teammates really helped him develop into "Kirko Chainz", with teammates borrowing him their chains during postgame celebrations. Justin Jefferson gave him a "Top 10" chain after a game, and Kirk declared after that he needed to get some grillz like J.J. He paid off on that promise a couple of weeks ago, blinging out his mouth earlier this winter.

Now that Kirk is heading down south, he is embracing his new home and team in a number of ways. During his welcome press conference, Cousins glowed about how much of an honor it is to be the Falcons quarterback, pointing to his father-in-law's passion for Atlanta sports.

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Cousins has even gone as far as saying he wants to retire a Falcon. It wasn't all that long ago he said he wanted to retire a Viking, but $180 million dollars and a 4-year contract that will make you 40 years old when the deal is done puts a different perspective on all of that.

The real "icing" on the cake for his pivot to taking ownership of his new team and home is a trifecta of chains he's now sporting.

The Falcons social media shared a pair of photos showing Kirko Chainz showing off some new "Dirty Birds" bling.

The second photo shows Kirk and his two sons showing off the new chains at the Falcons complex.

Now all that remains is for Kirk to see if he can get his trademark number 8. Wide receiver Kyle Pitts has been sporting 8 on his jersey up to this point, but it sounds like Cousins might be able to get the number from Pitts.

So long, Kirk. Maybe you can get the Falcons more playoff wins than you got the Minnesota Vikings.

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