Did you know that Wisconsin has an official state dog breed? Not every state has an official dog, but Wisconsin's favorite pup actually originates from the Badger state.

According to Wikipedia, only 13 states in the United States have an official state dog breed. State legislation has to pass the bill for it to be official. So you can imagine there may be some lawmakers that can't agree on the official breed of dog for the state.

It wasn't hard for Wisconsin, as their state dog actually was bred and developed in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin's State Dog - The American Water Spaniel

Wisconsin made the American Water Spaniel the state dog in 1985. It took years of lobbying by eighth-grade students of teacher Lyle Brumm at Washington Junior High School in New London.

Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show YouTube
Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show YouTube

Why The American Water Spaniel?

The American Water Spaniel was developed to be a hunting dog. The dog has good intelligence and a good disposition, and they are excellent swimmers.

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The breed originated in the areas along the Fox River and The Wolf River in the early 1800s.  Hunters wanted a dog that could be adept at both land and water and also small enough to fit in a skiff. They also needed a dog that would be able to handle cold water temperatures.

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What breeds did the American Water Spaniel come from?

They believe that the English Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Curly Coated Retriever, Native American Dogs, Poodle, and Sussex Spaniel all were included in the creation of the breed.

Their numbers are dwindling.

Less people hunt for food now, and it's more for recreation. Other dog breeds specialized for hunting have been introduced in the state. Still, this special breed is the official dog of Wisconsin.

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