Duluth Central High School is now long gone. The 53-acre sight was sold last March for $8 million to New York-based developer Luzy Ostreicher of Chester Creek View LLC and Incline Plaza Development LLC.

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The big question since the sale and the demolition of the high school has been just what would be built at that prime location, which sits atop a hill and features a gorgeous view of Lake Superior.

If all goes as currently planned, there will be an ambitious $500 million retail and housing development built that is so massive in scale, that it has been described as creating an entirely new neighborhood and its name will be Incline Village.

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According to StarTribune and other reports, Incline Village is expected to include 1,300 market-rate apartments and condos, to be built in three phases over the next 7 to 10 years, but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

What Amenities Would Be Found At Incline Village?

The list of proposed amenities is where you truly see the scale of what is being designed. Beyond housing, other planned amenities include:

  • 80,000 square feet of retail space, which could include a restaurant, hair and nail salons, child care, and a coffee shop.
  • A plaza with a pedestrian-oriented style that would have room for food trucks various vendors
  • A trailhead pavilion. The trailhead would connect to the Duluth Traverse and other trails
  • A skating rink
  • An amphitheater

Before Incline Village can move forward full steam ahead, there are important boxes to check. For example, the multi-building project is currently undergoing an Alternative Urban Areawide Review to study how different development scenarios will affect the environment. The project cannot move forward without first getting approval.

UPDATE 2/13/2024

On Monday, February 12, the Duluth City Council voted 8 to 1 to move forward with the Incline Village project after public comments were heard. According to our media partners at WDIO-TV, the proposal is in three phases.


The first phase would be the building of 1,300 hundred new housing units, which the Duluth Economic Development Authority had already signed off on. That would be followed by a second phase which would include adding 30,000 square feet of retail space. The third phase would add 220 apartment units or a senior housing building.

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