I shared a few years back about how I witnessed something I can't explain over my house in Northwest Wisconsin. It was October in 2019 when I looked up at the sky and saw a triangular shape, dimly lit, sweeping silently over my house and out toward the largest freshwater lake in the world.

I spent the entire time I saw it trying to figure out what it was. It didn't even occur to me to try and grab a picture of it until after it left. I ran down the street to see if I could see where it disappeared after it crossed out of my view, but it was gone.

I shared my story as kind of an interesting thing that happened, and to my surprise, my phone and inbox blew up with calls and e-mails about people who had seen a similar object in the sky.

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This all took place right before the Pentagon confirmed that UFOs or rather UAPs are real in 2020. The story was leaked and the Pentagon admitted that they have been studying this phenomenon for years. It was validating to many people who have been ridiculed over their sightings.

Sighting At Bond Lake, Wisconsin

One of those encounters I heard about still sticks out in my mind. A man who lives on a lake in Northern Wisconsin reached out and told me he had seen a similar object that I had. It was a triangular-shaped UFO that came within 75 feet of him and his two friends.

The bizarre encounter happened over Bond Lake near Wascott, Wisconsin.

google maps
google maps

The witness said it happened at night and that it hovered over the lake for around 2 minutes or so. Two other people witnessed it as well. Then, the object took off. 75 feet is pretty close, so I would imagine that they got a good look at it.

Triangular UFOs One Of The Most Common Shapes

There have been a lot of triangular-shaped ufos getting spotted over the years. Last year several were spotted, including this one spotted over the Isle of Wright.

AFO YouTube
AFO YouTube

This Area Is A UFO Hotspot

Locals in the area have long said strange things happen in the sky near the Douglas County State Wildlife Area. The bird sanctuary is the site of many reports of strange objects in the sky.

In 1975 nearby Gordon, Wisconsin was declared the epicenter of a rash of UFO sightings by a local urologist.

If you're looking for a place to try and spot something out of this world, head to this rural area of Douglas County, Wisconsin.

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