If you're a fan of reality television, you will love this little tidbit! I just learned that one of the biggest reality stars out there right now is from Minnesota. Somehow, in all my years watching him on screen, I never knew.

This may seem random but there are a few reality stars and many celebrities that are from Minnesota. An Eveleth native, who still spends time in Northern Minnesota, is on two different reality shows and talks about Minnesota often.

In fact, he is often made fun of for his Minnesota ways on the shows from being able to stand the brutal cold when nobody else can on Winter House and talking about the state any chance he gets. It is pretty fun to watch!

Of course, there are also many big name celebrities from Minnesota. This list includes Chris Pratt, Jessica Biel, Jessica Lange and so many more. That doesn't even cover Wisconsin, where many are from as well, including Willem Dafoe and Mark Ruffalo.

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While it is fun to have celebrities from Minnesota, I like that this reality star is from here even more because he is on one of my favorite shows! Tom Schwartz is from Woodbury, which is a few hours from the Twin Ports.

He shot to fame on the Bravo hit called Vanderpump Rules. The show is a spinoff of The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills, as it follows the gorgeous staff of a famous restaurant in Los Angeles called Sur. The restaurant is owned by a former cast member on the Real Housewives.

Needless to say, the show has become quite the hit over the years. There is drama, cheating, crying, fighting and fun moments all wrapped into one. Tom is my favorite cast member on the show because he lovable and sweet.

While he doesn't talk about being from Minnesota often on the show, he is proud of it! He even has "hashtag MN" in his Twitter profile. He also supports Minnesota-owned businesses and whips them out when he is homesick.

The show has been on for nine seasons and has nearly two-hundred episodes, with a new season coming out in the near future. The new season will feature Tom heavily as he is going through a divorce, dating someone from the restaurant and opening his second bar and restaurant.

It is very entertaining and while Tom can be a bit of a hot mess on the show, he is always kind to everyone and I love that. If you need a good reality show binge watch, try this one out and you won't be disappointed.

He was also on another Bravo show recently, along with fellow Minnesotan Luke Gulbranson. The two bonded in season two for both being from Minnesota! You love to see it.

I was also recently surprised to find out an actor from one of my favorite shows was from Minnesota as well! Peter Krause, currently on the FOX hit 9-1-1, is from Minnesota. His character on the show is as well, which is fun.

Did you know these celebrities were born in Minnesota?

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