UFO naysayers always say if they are real, why don't we have a clear photo of it? Well, as camera phones get better and better, we are getting clearer photos. A passenger aboard a plane flying over a busy airport caught something bizarre on video.

UFO Sighting Over New York

Michelle Reyes was on a flight that passed over LaGuardia Airport in New York. She was traveling with her daughter and she was taking a video of the New York skyline. She saw something streak by.

She saved the video and tried to alert the FAA and other authorities. Nobody got back to her. UFO researcher Ben Hansen and his team found Michelle and analyzed the video.

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What they can tell from the video is that it is authentic. Hansen said that Reyes is a credible witness and there was no tampering of the video.

Reyes's father is a Navy veteran, and she asked him what he thought. He didn't have an answer for her, and he was just as "clueless as she was."

The cylindrical object was similar to tic-tac videos.

If you follow the UFO (or now UAP) reports, you know this isn't the first time a cylindrical object has been seen in the sky. It's a common shape of many UAP sightings.

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Flying Boeing Door? Clever Answer

I had to laugh at some of the comments. The one that stood out the most to me was someone suggesting it was a door flying off a Boeing aircraft.

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This is a serious safety concern.

This is definitely not the first time something has been in the air too close to a plane. This is why the government is starting to take this more seriously. A couple years ago this video taken by a commercial pilot showed a cube-like object in the sky near their airplane.

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