I never realized that all these years I've actually been visiting the oldest candy store in Minnesota. It was only after I saw a video on YouTube that I realized the amazing history of it.

Canelake's Candies has been around since 1905. Check my math: That's almost 119 years. Impressive! Youtuber KristenInMN says it's the oldest candy store in the state. I bet she's right.

The store is located in downtown Virginia, Minnesota. Virginia is a real "downtown" town. Chesnut Street is lined with many long-time businesses from one end to the other.

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google maps

Where did the name come from?

Brothers Nick, Tom, Gust, and Christ Canelake started the business back in 1905. It relocated a couple of times but was always in Downtown Virginia. It's been at the same location at 414 Chesnutt Street Since 1917.

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They still make the candies the same way, using copper kettles and only making small batches. I can tell you from experience, it is really good stuff.

Canelake's Candies Facebook
Canelake's Candies Facebook

My grandparents used to stop in every time they visited town. They had moved away years ago, but Canelake's Candies was something they always needed when they returned home.

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Canelake's recently posted an update for a special they have for Labor Day Weekend. Look at these caramel apples!

I've always loved their turtles. They are a definite must-try if you visit.

Virginia, Minnesota is about an hour north of Duluth, Minnesota on the Iron Range. It's around a 2 1/2 hour drive from the Twin Cities.

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