Warning: Some of the following images could be disturbing to some readers.

Lovebug was found left in a ditch starving on the side of the road. This took place back in November of 2023. A good samaritan brought the dog to the local animal shelter. Public support came pouring in for Lovebug, but sadly in less than 24 hours, he passed away.

People donated money to help Lovebug and the animal shelter. Dollars came flying in. At the time about $10,000 was raised for the shelter. Now, months later the total is over $14,000.

Public Memorial For Lovebug To Take Place April 3

Because of the high-profile case and community support, Animal Allies in Duluth thought was necessary to hold a public memorial for Lovebug. It will take place on April 3rd from 5:30-7:30 PM at the AAD Shrine Center In Hermantown. (5152 Miller Trunk Highway)

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It's a family-friendly event - there will be no graphic pictures or videos of abused dogs.

We talked with Nicole from Animal Allies this morning. She wanted everyone to be sure that there wouldn't be any graphic images that could upset children. Just good information and a love for animals.

Original Story: Minnesota Shelter Shares Update On Dog Left To Die In A Ditch

Experts will be on hand to educate the public on animal abuse.

There will be experts from the animal shelter, law enforcement, and other agencies that will discuss what someone can do if they think an animal is being abused or neglected. The memorial will honor Lovebug, and help spread awareness.

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Lovebug's Legacy: A Community Promise To Fight Animal Cruelty

Animal Allies recently started a legacy fund for Lovebug that will help other dogs and spread awareness about animal cruelty.

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The community came together to support this poor dog. The Animal Shelter is hosting a public family-friendly memorial for Lovebug and hopes to raise awareness about animal neglect and abuse.