When Minnesotans usher in a new year, there will be several new laws that will be taking effect throughout the state.

These new laws cover a variety of areas. Starting January 1, 2024, changes in earned safe and sick time will mandate that all Minnesotans will be able to accrue paid time off work if they're sick, or if their safety is at risk.

Red flag laws, allowing family members or law enforcement to petition a court to suspend someone's access to guns if deemed harmful to themselves or others, will also be in effect.

There will also be changes in Minnesota public schools as beginning in 2024, free menstrual products will be made available in girl and boy bathrooms for students grades 4 to 12.

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The year 2024 will also provide Minnesotans the opportunity to give their vehicles a new look as lawmakers have approved several new license plate designs. Motorists will now have access to blackout plates and plates that commemorate Lions Club International, missing and murdered Indigenous relatives and Minnesota's pro sports teams.

Of those new options, the new blackout license plates seem to be generating an especially large amount of buzz, which isn't surprising based on their popularity in the other states in which they're offered. In Iowa, for example, MPR news reports that nearly a half million blackout plates were ordered by motorists within months when they made their debut in 2019.

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So, the big question is how soon into 2024 can Minnesotans order the cool new license plate option. The good news for those who want them is they won't have to wait long at all.

Minnesotans can order the plate online beginning Monday, January 1, 2024. Beginning Tuesday, January 2, they can begin ordering them in person at their local DMV. Take note, that in addition to addition to a registration and a plate fee, the new blackout plates will also have a $30 annual fee.

Department of Public Safety / Axios Facebook
Department of Public Safety / Axios Facebook

In a recent Facebook post, the Faribault DMV / Motor Vehicle Office noted that you can replace your plates any time of year, or simply upgrade to the blackout plates when it's time for your annual tab renewal.

Something tells me that we will be seeing a lot of these new license plates very early into the new year.

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