Duluth, Superior, The North Shore, South Shore, and surrounding areas will literally be the place to be in the coming years. The recent uncomfortable spat with billionaire Kathy Cargill could just be the beginning.

To be clear, I'm not just talking about the recent purchases on Park Point. That's where over 20 properties have been bought up by North Shore LS LLC.

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Most of the people sold their houses way over market value and made a nice payday. Who can blame them for taking double what their house is worth? But, this could just be the beginning of what future real estate and housing in Duluth could be.

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Duluth is a desirable place for escaping climate change.

Climate change has already made an impact on many parts of our country. Hurricanes are becoming stronger. Rising ocean levels will affect coastal cities. The intense heat in southern states already makes July and August unbearable.

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Duluth has been called a climate change safe haven. We have the world's largest freshwater lake at our front door. It helps keep us cool in the summer (sometimes way too cool), and with us being one of the most northern cities in the continental 48, extreme heat and wildfires aren't normally an issue.

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Single-family housing already is a major issue in Duluth.

I feel so bad for anyone right now trying to buy a house in Duluth. A decent starter home will cost you $300,000, and they are incredibly hard to find. What are we going to do in Duluth when other millionaires, billionaires, and the ultra-rich start buying property to make a summer vacation home?

Two Harbors has already been dealing with this issue.

In the last few years, it's been really hard to find housing in Two Harbors. Many of the homes have been converted to Airbnb as an income stream. That's great for tourists, but it adds to the housing shortage.

What will Duluth look like in 100 years?

Nobody knows the future, but it's a pretty safe assumption that more people are going to be climate refugees in Northern Minnesota. Growth is always good, we just need to be prepared for it and address the needs of the community.

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