When you think of Minnesota, what comes to mind?

If you've never been to Minnesota, you might immediately think, crazy cold, super snowy, funny accents, and maybe something about Minnesota Nice -- and you're not wrong -- but what are some of the notable people, places, and things Minnesota has given the world during its 164-year tenure as a state?

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What is Minnesota Known For?

Known affectionately as the Land of 10,000 Lakes, Minnesota offers vast natural beauty. Still, the fame of the North Star State stretches well beyond the natural wonders and includes a cast of incredibly talented people and culture-rich traditions.

Not only is Minnesota a global leader in medical care and research as the home of the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, but it has also made strong contributions to the music scene with artists Bob Dylan, Prince, Soul Asylum, Lizzo, and many others hailing from the Great White North.

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From the bluffs and farmland in Southern Minnesota to the scenic north shore along Lake Superior, with a mecca for culture, arts, and entertainment in between in the Twin Cities, you'll find a plethora of noteworthy things only Minnesota can claim.

21 Amazing Things Minnesota is Known For

Minnesota has no shortage of natural beauty and culture-rich traditions, but what are some of the most notable things the state is responsible for giving the world? Here's a list of some of the most recognizable people, places, and things Minnesota is famous for.

Gallery Credit: Minnesota Now

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