Who hasn't forgotten about that container of leftovers, or the jar of salsa, just hiding out in the back of the fridge? You have every intention of finishing it, either because it was so good, or because your mama taught you to never waste food. But, life happens, and now it's beyond eating safely unless you enjoy playing "Russian Roulette" with your digestive tract.

Good news, today is your day! It's a day set aside for cleaning out the fridge and just in time for the holiday season. You can start fresh with a clean fridge, knowing you will fill it back up with all of the goodies of the season. Coming up next week is Thanksgiving, and you need the room to defrost that bird, and then to store those leftovers from the feast. Thanksgiving leftovers actually get all used up in my house, so I better make room.

Today is also a good day to make note of what you may be needing for your holiday cooking and baking. In fact, I plan on taking it a step further, not just cleaning out the fridge, but also the freezer and cupboards. As you are celebrating Clean Out Your Fridge Day, you can celebrate America Recycles Day. Finally, a pairing of "holidays" that make sense.

Empty Fridge

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