Here's a bit of information that I didn't know people tracked, Minnesota has the 4th cheapest margarita's by cost on average according to House Method. The average cost of making a margarita in Minnesota, not going out and buying one, was $2.21 a drink, making it the 4th cheapest in the US.

Where is it the cheapest in the US to make yourself a marg? Arizona with an average cost of $2.01. The most expensive margs? Alabama, where it costs on average $3.00 to enjoy.

What's the methodology behind House Method's margarita costs? They "averaged the cost of the margarita was determined by calculating the percentage of each ingredient used in the margarita recipe, and multiplying that by the cost of every ingredient in each state, adding the costs together to find the total cost."

Where did our neighbors rank? All of our neighbors were in the middle of the pack with the cost to make a margarita being between $2.39 and $2.67 Wisconsin $2.39, Iowa $2.34, North Dakota $2.41, and South Dakota $2.67.

Want to add a little Minnesota to your marg? Add some Coca-Cola, I had it once in New Ulm and it was pretty good.

While 2020 has been a dumpster fire, Cinco de Mayo does fall on a Tuesday (tacos)...if that's any consolation.

Enjoy Cinco mi amigos.

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