With 2021 in the rearview window, it's time to think about fresh starts and the future. If you're looking to switch up career paths or jobs, first consider and evaluate your location. 

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WalletHub compared more than 180 U.S. cities across 31 key indicators of job-market strength to determine the best cities for job opportunities, employment growth, and average starting salaries. 

The two fundamental dimensions the team at WalletHub focused on were: "Job Market" and "Socio-Economics." They evaluated these two dimensions through 31 relevant metrics such as unemployment rate, job satisfaction, average work & commute time, and median annual income. 

So, how did Minneapolis compare to other cities across the country?

Out of 182 cities, Minneapolis ranked #24, which I would say is rather impressive. 

In terms of 'Job Market,' we ranked 58th, but in terms of 'Socio-Economics,' we ranked 5th!

St. Paul, unfortunately, did not measure up as nicely. St. Paul was 118th in 'Job Market' and 31st in 'Socio-Economics.'

Now, let's see what towns ring up the top and bottom of WalletHub's study.

Worst Towns To Find and Work a Job:

  • 1. Gulfport, MS
  • 2. San Bernardino, CA
  • 3. Shreveport, LA
  • 4. Detroit, MI
  • 5. Newark, NJ
  • 6. Stockton, CA
  • 7. Brownsville, TX
  • 8. Las Cruces, NM
  • 9. Oxnard, CA
  • 10. Baton Rouge, LA

Best Towns To Find and work a Job:

  • 1. Columbia, MD
  • 2. Salt Lake City, UT
  • 3. San Francisco, CA
  • 4. Portland, ME
  • 5. Austin, TX
  • 6. Orlando, FL
  • 7. Seattle, WA
  • 8. Scottsdale, AZ
  • 9. San Jose, CA
  • 10. Nashua, NH

I think it's time we look inward and determine what Minnesota cities are the best and worst places to work. Who's up for the challenge?

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