A listener called in today and asked if we knew if Booyah stew was a Minnesota or Wisconsin thing. I had never heard of it so I had to look around to find some answers.

According to Wikipedia, “Booyah is a thick stew, believed to have originated in Belgium.” It looks like a delicious comfort food, but where it debuted in the United States is up for debate. Some think Minnesota, some think it’s a Wisconsin stew.

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I think it's a Wisconsin thing most of the recipes I saw online made some sort of reference to the Badger State and there are actual Booyah restaurants in Wisconsin.

So, What is Special About Booyah?

It sounds to me like the festivities around the food are what makes it a favorite. From what I understand, Booyah is supposed to be cooked outside in a large kettle and is typically served to big crowds at events held by churches or fire hall fundraisers.

I want to cook some for our next neighborhood party. We're pretty social on my street, we love getting together for driveway drinks, and I think a giant pot of Booyah would be a huge hit.

How to Make Booyah!

The first step should be getting a giant pot to cook your booyah in. Amazon has what you need.

You’ll need meat. Some recipes call for short-ribs others call for stew meat and chicken thighs. The recipe I found on simplywhisked.com called for stew meat and chicken thighs, onion, celery, carrots, cabbage, potatoes, tomatoes, corn, green beans, peas, and various spices.

Then you cook the stew – low and slow. A batch of booyah could take as long as two days to cook, depending on how much you’re making. Don't want to wait? Make a smaller batch or cheat and make it in your instapot.

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