I have not had a broken bone since my junior high years, and that was my ankle. I have forgotten how much it can hurt, and, unfortunately, I am not going to recover as quickly as a pre-teen, or teenager.

Broken bones are no fun, but, I can certainly enjoy the irony at my own expense. I am right handed, and of course, I broke a finger on my right hand. Everyday activities are more difficult when you are in a splint on your dominant hand.

Tell me, which story is the best? The truth? Too outlandish to believe? Also, let us know your best injury stories, sometimes I have to laugh at reminders of my own humanity.

Scenario 1: I took my daughter to WWE Live on Monday evening and we had tickets in the 2nd row, ringside. There was a special program and I was pulled into the ring where I was hit, not too hard, with a chair, which broke my finger. I was trying to defend Randy Orton at the time.

Scenario 2: I was at a party and they started playing the "Limbo Rock" and well, I can't limbo, resulting in a fall that broke my finger, and proving you can be too old for some activities.

Scenario 3: I was going to pick my daughter up from a friend's house, was not paying much attention to what I was doing, and tripped in my own driveway. The fall resulted in skinned knees and a broken finger.

Right Hand Melissa Hall/TownSquare Media
Right Hand Melissa Hall/TownSquare Media

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