The hottest tailgate of the year was also the coldest.

The Minnesota Vikings may have been pummeled 34-6 at home by the Indianapolis Colts on Sunday, but that may not have ruined the fans' good spirits.

Take a look at how brutal the elements were prior to the game. Sure, it was cold, but the fans would not be denied the joy of tailgating.

It was 20 below zero with a wind chill of minus-34. Hopefully, the frigid weather numbed the fans enough that they were able to cope with the Vikings' lackluster showing. When you have no feeling in your toes, you're bound to have no feeling about your team that's lost seven of its last nine.

If you want to see more photos of these die-hard fans doing their thing, you can check them out here. Put on a coat beforehand, though -- you're bound to get a chill just by looking.

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