In addition to the occasional forced slow, scenic drive down an ice-covered, vehicle-littered highway, there are many reasons to look forward to the change in season in Minnesota. Lower humidity. No mosquitoes. (Almost) no road construction. And hockey. Bring on winter!

Chill in the Air; Reasons to Look Forward to a Minnesota Winter

In Minnesota, we should embrace winter and the fun activities that come with the colder weather.

Fall seems to be the season with the best weather in Minnesota. Cool nights. Sunny days are great with lower humidity levels that the blistering days of summer. Granted autumn must eventually give way to winter and the doldrums of cold, dark and colder days.

But rejoice. Many outdoor winter activities will keep your blood flowing and fingers from freezing. I just talked to a guy who was about to get new winter gear as he looks forward to snowmobiling. I know many who really enjoy ice fishing.

If you can avoid the slippery spots, or wear the right type of shoes, a job along the trails can be a thing of beauty. Sledding and snow fort building excites kids or all ages.

Minnesota offers the uniqueness of high school hockey. School-based teams, rivalries that date back generations, and a state tournament (for the boys and girls) that is the envy of every other state in the nation.

I'll take the occasional need to shovel the driveway over the every week march of mowing the lawn. Although I know many people who enjoy the time outside mowing. Plus you might have to shovel and snow blow day after day.

Yes. The wind can make Minnesota pretty miserable some days. But throw on another sweatshirt and wrap a scarf around your head. And, honestly, who doesn't enjoy the time together of being snowed in with the family, watching a movie or breaking out the board games.

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