With the "Stay at Home" order expired, many non-essential businesses have reopened but restaurants, bars and salons will have to wait till June 1st.

On Wednesday, Governor Tim Walz is slated to release the first look at what the State's operation guidelines will be for restaurants, bars and salons on their tentative reopen date, June 1st. According to a report by Fox 9, it is speculated that all restaurants and bars will only be allowed to operate at 50 percent capacity, and some restaurants are looking ahead to ways to help increase sales.

We think bars and restaurants will probably be at a 50 percent capacity so we’re looking at ways, thinking out of the box for Stillwater, for how we can potentially help these bars and restaurants increase sales.


In Stillwater, a new city proposal would allow for restaurants to use parking lots and street parking spaces to create addition patio seating for customers. The proposed "refreshment zones" would be areas that one would be able to bring take-out food/beverages and sit down if the restaurant is already at its allowed max capacity. Alcohol would not be allowed in these areas.

When it comes to salons and barbers, nothing has been announced yet, but that will change with Governor Walz announcement on Wednesday.

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