Just in case dealing with blowing snow, drifting snow, impassable driving conditions, and threats of blizzards isn't enough, weather officials now tell us 'frost quakes' exist. A story from Bring Me the News indicates, "A series of 'loud booming noises' that rattled windows in southeastern Wisconsin Sunday was possibly caused by 'frost quakes.'"

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When I first read this, I assumed it was from ice sliding off rooftops and crashing to the ground. But rather, frost quakes are caused "when water underground freezes, and then expands, causing the surrounding soil and rock to crack," according to an ABC News story cited by Bring Me the News.

In the Wisconsin incident, the Muskego Police Department fielded calls from concerned citizens who heard loud booms in the city limits. The Muskego Police Facebook page states, "Investigating officers were unable to determine a course of the sounds or any evidence that they originated in Muskego. As of this time, we have not received any reports of damage or injuries from citizens."

A local meteorologist in that area tipped off people that frost quakes might have been the reason for the noise. I still it interesting that each year I hear of a weather phenomenon that I had never known of before. Don't get me stated on graupel.

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