This guy needs to be cut off.

Watch this video of a man in Britain who appears to be hammered to the point that he thinks the space in a railing on a bridge is actually an ATM.

"It's not a bank machine. It's a fence." That is clearly a series of words that should probably not have to be strung together under normal circumstances. In the confused man's defense, he does appear drunk. We can't say that he is with 100% certainty, but he does stammer, have trouble with his balance and can't hold on to his card.

But he sure seems drunk, right? We've heard of drinking to the point where a 5 looks like a 10, but we have never heard of drinking so much that a railing looks like it will dispense money.

It's probably for the best he doesn't access his money, though. A drunk person with cash is trouble. Give him an Amazon account and he'll go on a shopping spree that's bound to make him want to jump off this very bridge when he gets his credit card bill.

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