If one thing rings true year after year, Mother Nature is not something to be messed with.

One family was on their way home from their vacation in Tampa Bay when their truck was struck by lightning, and it was all caught on camera. This is wild.

Edward Whalen was driving on the way back to their hotel in Florida with his daughter when out of nowhere, lightning struck their moving truck on the interstate. Edward's wife, Michaele, was following in the car behind them and caught the entire thing on camera.

When speaking to WFLA, the family says that they were pretty shaken up by the incident, but luckily, no one was injured. The car, however, was "completely fried". Edward had just purchased this truck which he called his dream truck, and within 3 months, it was done courtesy of mother nature.

I am just glad that everyone is okay because of how intense and severe the lightning strike was. Edward's son told him after the incident that they needed to monitor themselves to see if they had superpowers. That's the spirit.

Watch the video of a truck getting struck by lightning in Florida below:

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