From its field reports, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources is indicating that southern Minnesota could see some good harvest numbers when the firearms deer season starts on November 7 and nearly half-a-million hunters go in search of that big buck.

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The field report for southeast and central Minnesota states, "Strong early archery harvest and positive reports from hunters and DNR field staff point to what could be another outstanding year of deer hunting across central and southeastern Minnesota. Robust deer populations across the region have resulted in many permit areas with regulations allowing hunters to harvest more than one deer."

The news release states, "Hunters help keep deer populations in line with population goals across the state. Minnesota Department of Natural Resources' wildlife managers report favorable weather so far this year and good opportunities to harvest deer in most areas. (The news release came out before the current winter storm swept in.)

In general in southern Minnesota, "Weather conditions and other farmland wildlife were favorable in 2020. Winter conditions were milder, with above-average temperatures and shallower snowpack compared with 2019, with no spring snow storms."

In the northeast "long, severe winter for the last eight years...more deer died and fewer fawns were born in the spring." In the northwest hunters "will have similar regulations as the 2019 seasons and deer populations are strong in most areas."

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