Dandelions are an amazing flower, plant, weed, or whatever you want to call it. They produce a lot of seed that can be spread by the wind, grow year after year and produce so much seed that they can take over a lawn or an alfalfa field. One sign of an alfalfa field that is marginal because of age or winter kill is a lot of dandelions in it. While dandelions have pretty yellow flowers in the spring, I do not think they belong in my lawn.

It is easy to kill the dandelions in your lawn. Even though I control the dandelions in my lawn, dandelion seed can blow in from a neighbor's yard quite a distance away. So it seems I always have a few scattered in my lawn. If you have dandelions in your lawn and you want them removed you have two choices -- hire a lawn care service to spray them or do yourself.

I have a small one-gallon sprayer I bought at the hardware store. The growth regulator group of herbicides do a good job killing dandelions. You can also buy a herbicide like 2-4D at the hardware store or more concentrated "growth regulators" at a local co-op. They can also help you with tips and mixing instructions. Make sure you read the label because if 2-4D drifts onto other broad-leafed plants, shrubs for example, it can kill them too.

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