ST. PAUL -- A bill the legislature passed Thursday that's headed to Governor Tim Walz would extend special rules for another year, making it easier for front-line workers who contract COVID to receive work-comp benefits.

But because the original law expired before the legislature extended it, workers who became ill in January won't get that protection:

"What I'm really talking about are firefighters, nurses, paramedics and police officers. And that is where my biggest concern is."

Shoreview Democrat Jason Isaacson asked Pine City Republican Jason Rarick if he'll hear a bill in his committee to make the extension retroactive to January 1st:

"Yes, we would definitely get that on the agenda."

But some warn making that law retroactive would be unconstitutional. (Duluth Democrat Jennifer McEwen responds there's much legal precedent to the contrary.)

This story is courtesy of the Minnesota News Network.  

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