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Heads up!  You are going to need to plan on a little extra time if you are driving in Northwest Rochester.  The stoplights are now gone at a busy intersection by the Walmart and backups are happening in the shopping areas.

Credit: Jessica Williams

As you are driving along 55th Street NW in Rochester you will notice that multiple cones and barricades and if you look fast enough, you'll see that the stoplights we've all been following for years are now on the ground.

Credit: Google

Years ago, this actually was an intersection and was one of the ways people in the North Park area got out of the neighborhood.  In fact, I used to live just a few blocks away from this spot and drove it more times than I can count.

Credit: Jessica Williams

Your fast trip to Kwik Trip may not be so fast.

If you are planning to make a quick stop to Wells Fargo, Kwik Trip, even Lumen Coffee, just a heads up that it may take a bit longer to get back on 55th Street than what you are used to.  You can't use the road by Merchant's Bank to just hop back on and traffic at times has been pretty congested.

If you need to make a Walmart run or fill up with gas, remember you live in Minnesota and to make sure that Minnesota Nice shines bright as you are driving.  People ARE going to need you to let them in while this construction is going on and you are going to need them to let you in too.  Be nice.  Smile as you are driving.  Together, we will get through construction season in Rochester.

What's going on at Target?

Did you hear?  One of our busiest stores in town is under construction too!  If you haven't had a chance to see what is happening at Target, take a peek at the photos below.

What To Expect When The Massive Remodel At The North Target In Rochester Is Complete

Aryn at Target Corporation said the Target store at Marketplace Drive NW in Rochester is undergoing some pretty major enhancements. She said the remodel will "feature modern design elements and bring more digital experiences to our stores that make shopping even easier, safer, and more inspiring for our guests – and uniquely Target." Target has shared photos on their corporate website that give customers an idea of what to expect when the renovation is complete.