Talk about a truly one of a kind memory! A group of College undergrads found a Triceratops skull during their annual dig.

Westminster College
Westminster College

It was so exciting … we just didn’t believe it - David Schmidt, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Science

According to a press release from Westminster College, during the Colleges annual dig, the group unearthed a 7-foot-long, 3,000 pound Triceratops skull from the Grand River National Grassland in South Dakota. In the group were three current undergrads, four alumni and Associate Professor of Geology and Environmental Science at Westminster, David Schmidt.

During these normal excavation trips, students normally find bone fragments and sometimes a complete bone, but this time was different and was a special memory fro all involved. The Tri, named "Shady" in honor of the near by town of Shadehill, South Dakota where it was found, is current held in a secure location at Westminster until the funds can be raised by the College for the restoration.

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