The Super Bowl is when everyone gets together and yells and screams for the team they want to win and shouts at the referee.

The CDC actually has some rules to follow when watching the Super Bowl that you will be safer in small groups of people. One thing they say is to only attend parties with the group you live with or share small circles of people with. You have always been around each other and if you keep it in that small group you will be safer.

You can shout at the TV provided you are a safe distance from people, you cannot shout at each other when in close spaces. The reason is, people will be eating and drinking and you know that when people shout sometimes they shout and spray saliva around the room. When people aren't wearing masks then shouting can be a problem.

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As far as watching the Super Bowl, the CDC says:

  • It's ok to wear the clothing of your favorite team, not ok to switch clothing with everyone who is watching the game.
  • Ok to make appetizers or snacks and share them among a small group of people you spend a lot of time with. Not ok for the small group to be double-dipping and sharing snacks from each other's plates.
  • It's ok to start a chat group while the game is going, not ok to chat to someone who is really close to you.
  • It's ok to set up a tv outside in the garage or large room  where people can safely distance 6 ft apart. Not ok to invite thousands of people to come to your back yard and watch the game

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