Austin, MN - A plea agreement was reached this week in the case where an Austin man was charged with multiple counts of first-degree attempted murder for starting a house on fire.

30-year-old Darrell Wigham entered an Alford plea to a single count of first-degree arson, while the attempted murder charges were dropped. The plea means he doesn’t admit guilt but acknowledges there is enough evidence to convict him.

He was arrested a little over a year ago and was accused of setting fire to a home after becoming upset with another person staying at the residence. One witness told Austin police that Wigham threatened to kill the occupants and later told another person he was "burning the house down."

He was accused of pouring paint thinner on a door leading to the upstairs of the house, where two women were sleeping. They ended up having to climb through a window and onto the roof of the home to escape the flames.

His sentencing hearing has been scheduled on April 25th.

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